Tuesday, January 26, 2010

General Motors' Vice Chairman To Deliver Keynote Address at NAFA's 2010 I&E

(JANUARY 26, 2010 -- DETROIT, MI) - NAFA Fleet Management Association is proud to announce that Robert A. Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors, will deliver a keynote address at the Association’s 2010 Institute & Expo in Detroit, Michigan. The I&E, which takes place April 24-27, is NAFA’s annual meeting, bringing together more than 2,000 fleet industry professionals for four days of education, trade show experience, and networking. Lutz joins Mark Fields, Executive Vice President, Ford Motor Company as keynote speakers.

“Bob is an auto industry icon,” said NAFA’s Executive Director, Phillip E. Russo, CAE. “He brings a wealth of knowledge, history, and creativity and is a fantastic storyteller and communicator as well. NAFA is very privileged to have a private audience of sorts with Bob.”

A former jet-attack aviator in the United States Marine Corps from 1954 to 1965, Lutz began his automotive career in September 1963 at General Motors and went on to serve executive positions at BMW, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and Exide Technologies before returning to GM in 2001. In the years since his return, he has served as Vice Chairman of Product Development, Chairman of GM North America, Interim President of GM Europe, and Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor providing strategic input into GM’s global design and key product initiatives – a position he was to hold until retirement at the end of 2009. He agreed to join the new GM as Vice Chairman on December 4, 2009, specially assigned to advise on design and global product development thereby, “unretiring.”

Lutz received his bachelor's degree in production management from the University of California-Berkeley in 1961, where he earned distinction as a Phi Beta Kappa. He received a master's degree in marketing, with highest honors, from the University of California-Berkeley in 1962. He received an honorary degree of doctor of management from Kettering University on June 21, 2003, and an honorary doctorate of law from Boston University in 1985.

He spent 12 highly successful years with Chrysler, chronicled in his 1998 book, Guts: The Seven Laws of Business That Made Chrysler the World's Hottest Car Company. Guts was revised and updated in 2003 and retitled, Guts: 8 Laws of Business from One of the Most Innovative Business Leaders of Our Time. In 2006, the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Foundation named him the recipient of its Manufacturing Leadership Award, which recognizes individuals who have made meaningful contributions to the development of the automotive industry.

The 2010 Institute & Expo coincides with the rebirth of the American car industry and marks the first time in more than 20 years that NAFA has held its annual conference in Detroit. Since many within NAFA’s membership source the majority of their vehicles from the Detroit Three (GM, Chrysler, and Ford), the Association is very excited to have such a legendary figure in the industry as Lutz speak at the I&E.

About NAFA’s Institute & Expo
The 2010 I&E includes several enhancements designed to guarantee that the conference remains the industry’s leading event of the year. Over 60 hours of fleet training, education, and workshops will take advantage of revised scheduling to offer attendees a better use of their time; popular events such as the Public Safety Roadeo, Ride-and-Drive, and Green Zone will return along with a new and improved Expo Floor featuring more than 200 companies showcasing their products and services; and top fleet industry awards by NAFA, Automotive Fleet, Business Fleet, and Fleet Financials will be presented during the conference as well. Future I&E locations include Charlotte (2011), St. Louis (2012), and Atlantic City (2013). For more information, visit http://www.nafaIandE.org

About NAFA Fleet Management Association
NAFA is the world’s premier non-profit association for professionals who manage fleets of sedans, public safety vehicles, trucks, and buses of all types and sizes, and a wide range of military and off-road equipment for organizations across the globe. NAFA is the association for the diverse vehicle fleet management profession regardless of organizational type, geographic location or fleet composition. NAFA’s Full and Associate Members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance and repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 3.5 million vehicles including in excess of 1.1 million trucks of which 350 thousand are medium- and heavy-duty trucks. For more information visit http://www.nafa.org

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces Federal Ban on Texting for Commercial Truck Drivers

U.S Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced federal guidance to expressly prohibit texting by drivers of commercial vehicles such as large trucks and buses. The prohibition is effective immediately and is the latest in a series of actions taken by the Department to combat distracted driving since the Secretary convened a national summit on the issue last September.

“We want the drivers of big rigs and buses and those who share the roads with them to be safe,” said Secretary LaHood. “This is an important safety step and we will be taking more to eliminate the threat of distracted driving.”

The action is the result of the Department’s interpretation of standing rules. Truck and bus drivers who text while driving commercial vehicles may be subject to civil or criminal penalties of up to $2,750.

"Our regulations will help prevent unsafe activity within the cab,” said Anne Ferro, Administrator for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). “We want to make it crystal clear to operators and their employers that texting while driving is the type of unsafe activity that these regulations are intended to prohibit."

FMCSA research shows that drivers who send and receive text messages take their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds out of every 6 seconds while texting. At 55 miles per hour, this means that the driver is traveling the length of a football field, including the end zones, without looking at the road. Drivers who text while driving are more than 20 times more likely to get in an accident than non-distracted drivers. Because of the safety risks associated with the use of electronic devices while driving, FMCSA is also working on additional regulatory measures that will be announced in the coming months.

During the September 2009 Distracted Driving Summit, the Secretary announced the Department’s plan to pursue this regulatory action, as well as rulemakings to reduce the risks posed by distracted driving. President Obama also signed an Executive Order directing federal employees not to engage in text messaging while driving government-owned vehicles or with government-owned equipment. Federal employees were required to comply with the ban starting on December 30, 2009.

The regulatory guidance on today’s announcement will be on public display in the Federal Register January 26 and will appear in print in the Federal Register on January 27.

The public can follow the progress of the U.S. Department of Transportation in working to combat distracted driving www.distraction.gov.

GPS Insight Announced Today That It Has Been Awarded the Statewide Contract for GPS Tracking for the State of Oklahoma

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GPS Insight, a leading supplier of GPS tracking hardware and software solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, announced today that it has been awarded the statewide contract for GPS tracking for the state of Oklahoma. The award was given to GPS Insight for all four GPS tracking categories which had been made available for bid: service for 1,100 existing devices, GPS tracking devices, GPS tracking devices with remote diagnostics capabilities, and special use GPS tracking devices for trailers and other asset tracking purposes.

The agreement period runs through 9/30/2012. All state departments, boards, commissions, agencies, and institutions, as well as counties, school districts, and municipalities may purchase under this statewide contract SW799.

Robert Donat, president of GPS Insight, stated, “GPS Insight is thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking state fleet department which has already realized significant savings with a GPS solution for the past year. The state of Oklahoma is now ready to increase their GPS capabilities and options, as well as their return on investment, and we are pleased to be their choice moving forward. We are already tracking over 1,000 of their vehicles and have already delivered on five new feature requests made by Clay Chandler, the State Fleet Manager.”

Clay Chandler added, “GPS Insight allows us to use our existing hardware, as well as new devices, and provides unlimited reporting history, multiple mapping options, a highly customizable dashboard interface, remote diagnostics, Garmin integration, and a hierarchy for administration and reporting which is invaluable for large fleets such as ours. We are also very pleased with their responsiveness and ability to customize their platform to meet our exact needs while concurrently delivering superior return on investment.”

About GPS Insight:

GPS Insight is a leading supplier of reliable GPS tracking, navigation, and messaging technology for fleet-based customers. They utilize high quality GPS hardware and add the technology, customization and enhancements which fleet based companies demand. Using the GPS Insight fleet tracking product, companies realize a significant increase in efficiency, and gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations. Current location, unlimited history, engine diagnostics, routing, reports, alerts, and messaging all combine to provide the ideal platform for fleet based companies. GPS Insight provides highly flexible solutions, which include a wide range of customized reports, alerts, and other features that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements to ensure maximum return on investment.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ed Whitacre to Continue as GM CEO

DETROIT – Edward E. Whitacre, Jr., has agreed to continue as chairman and CEO of General Motors, it was announced January 25.

Speaking at a press conference at GM’s headquarters, Whitacre also expressed the GM board’s commitment that the company will pay back in full the U.S. Treasury and the Canadian and Ontario government loans by June.

Whitacre’s appointment reflects GM’s progress since the new company was formed last summer. “The board of directors asked if I would be willing to stay on at GM and help continue the company’s road back to success,” Whitacre said. “Having spent the past few months learning the business, meeting with our employees, customers, suppliers and dealers, and working with the GM leadership team, I was both honored and pleased to accept this role. This is a great company with an even greater future, and I want to be part of it."

“We’ve made significant progress in the past couple of months, so much so that I can confirm with certainty that we will pay back in full the U.S. Treasury and Canadian and Ontario government loans by June,” Whitacre said. “This represents a significant milestone in our journey back to being a profitable and viable company.”

Thursday, January 21, 2010

PHH Driver Response Team is 2010 Stevie Award Finalist For Sales & Customer Service

Sparks, MD – January 20, 2010 – PHH Arval’s Driver Response Team has been named as a finalist in The American Business “Stevie” Awards(SM) for Sales and Customer Service in the category, “Contact Center of the Year.”

The Driver Response Team of 25 specialists is a key resource for business drivers who have questions or issues related to their fleet vehicles. Each member of the team must have a wide body of knowledge to answer questions about all aspects of fleet management – from vehicle orders and titles, to providing Web site support or replacing lost fuel or maintenance purchasing cards. The Driver Response Team logs over 13,000 calls per month, maintains a 94 percent first call resolution and a 97 percent driver satisfaction rate.

“We’re honored to be ranked among the best in the highly competitive world of contact centers,” said Pam Walinski, vice president of PHH’s Customer & Vehicle Services division. “Our Driver Response Team is focused on delivering world class customer service and increasing the productivity of fleet drivers. When a driver gets an immediate resolution to a question on the first call, he or she spends less time on the fleet vehicle and more time on the job. And that’s very important to our clients.”

PHH’s Driver Response Team also won a major award for customer service in 2009. The team was named the first-ever winner of the “Outstanding Customer Support Performance 2009” award from The Fraser Group, LLC, a renowned management consulting firm focused on helping companies measure and improve call center performance

The American Business Awards is the only national, independent business awards program honoring organizations of all types – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small. Nicknamed “the Stevies” for the Greek word “crowned,” winners will be announced during the annual gala on Monday, February 22 at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

About PHH Arval
PHH Arval, a subsidiary of PHH Corporation [NYSE: PHH ], is a leading fleet management services provider in the United States and Canada. PHH Arval provides outsourced fleet management solutions to corporate clients, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies. Through consultative expertise, flexible customer service, and award-winning Internet technology, PHH Arval helps clients reduce costs and increase productivity. For more information, visit www.phharval.com , or call 800 ONLY PHH.

About PHH Corporation
Headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, PHH Corporation is a leading outsource provider of mortgage and vehicle fleet management services. Its subsidiary, PHH Mortgage, is one of the top five retail originators of residential mortgages in the United States1, and its subsidiary, PHH Arval, is a leading fleet management services provider in the United States and Canada. For additional information about the company and its subsidiaries, please visit our Web site at www.phh.com.

Fuelman Has Driver in Mind

ATLANTA -- Fuelman, a major fuel management solutions that help businesses control fuel and maintenance expenses, has announced the release of a new site locator. The updated interactive tool allows fleet managers and drivers to get directions and easily find Fuelman partner locations along their routes for added convenience and time savings.

The new site locator also features enhanced search queries that help find stations by:

* Fuel Type: Select from diesel, biodiesel, E85, CNG, unleaded and diesel.
* Driver Comforts: Highway access, 24-hour service, 24-hour restaurant, ATM and shower facilities.
* Site Facilities: Convenience store, truckstop, pay at pump, unattended and maintenance.
* Truck Specifics: 18-wheel access, scales, truck wash and high-speed pumps.
* Maintenance Brands: National maintenance merchants.

"We've re-designed the site locator with the fleet manager and the driver in mind," said Pamela Bartz, vice president of marketing for Atlanta-based Fuelman. "Users can quickly and easily find the most convenient stations along their route, with the amenities they need so they can get back to the job at hand."

Fuelman said that it helps businesses and government entities reduce their fuel expenses and increase their fleet fuel efficiency by giving business owners and fleet managers a way to enable their drivers to conveniently purchase fuel and maintenance services while limiting their purchases to only pre-determined authorized transactions. Fuelman also said that it helps to eliminate unauthorized fuel and maintenance spending as well as other unauthorized transactions that are difficult to control with traditional oil card, credit card, and purchasing card programs.

Company cars hit record emissions low

New data from ALD Automotive, which operates a fleet of around 50,000 vehicles, reveals that average CO2 emissions of new company cars delivered to customers dropped to an all-time low of 145.5g/km last year.

That compares with an average figure of 150.5g/km in 2008 and 166.8g/km in 2003.

Month-on-month last year the average CO2 emissions for new company cars supplied by ALD was consistently below 148g/km and the last three months averaged 145g/km (October), 143g/km (November) and an all-time low of 136g/km in December.

'Green' Jitneys on the Way

The Atlantic City Jitney Association (ACJA) is proud to announce that 190 sparkling new green jitneys will begin arriving on the streets of Atlantic City on June 1, at the rate of 65 per week. All of the new jitneys will be in operation by July 1.

It is important to note that this fleet will be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Although commonplace on the West Coast, the concept of CNG-powered vehicles is relatively new to the East and to New Jersey. The ACJA has partnered with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) to fuel these vehicles; the ACJA will also be building a pumping facility that can be used not only by its fleet, but also by other municipalities and businesses that wish to invest in this green technology.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fisker Secures More Funding for Electric Cars

IRVINE, CA --- Electric car maker Fisker Automotive said it has secured access to an additional $115.3 million in private equity funding to develop plug-in hybrid cars.

This funding is necessary for Fisker to access a $528.7 million U.S. Department of Energy conditional loan that will, in part, help speed completion of the Fisker Karma, the company's first plug-in hybrid.

Fuelman Releases Improved Site Locator with Additional Features

ATLANTA, Jan. 20, 2010 — Fuelman, one of the pioneers of fuel management solutions which help businesses control fuel and maintenance expenses, today announced the release of a new site locator. The updated interactive tool allows fleet managers and drivers to get directions and easily find Fuelman partner locations along their routes for added convenience and time savings.

The new site locator also features enhanced search queries that help find stations by:

* Fuel Type - Select from diesel, biodiesel, E85, CNG, unleaded and diesel
* Driver Comforts - Highway access, 24 hr. service, 24 hr. restaurant, ATM, and shower facilities
* Site Facilities - Convenience store, truck stop, pay at pump, unattended, and maintenance
* Truck Specifics - 18-wheel access, scales, truck wash, and high-speed pumps
* Maintenance Brands - National maintenance merchants

“We’ve re-designed the site locator with the fleet manager and the driver in mind,” said Pamela Bartz, vice president of marketing for Fuelman. “Users can quickly and easily find the most convenient stations along their route, with the amenities they need so they can get back to the job at hand.”

The new site locator can be accessed at http://www.fuelman.com.

About Fuelman

Fuelman helps thousands of businesses and government entities reduce their fuel expenses and increase their fleet fuel efficiency by giving business owners and fleet managers a way to enable their drivers to conveniently purchase fuel and maintenance services while limiting their purchases to only pre-determined authorized transactions. Fuelman helps to eliminate unauthorized fuel and maintenance spending as well as other unauthorized transactions that are difficult to control with traditional oil card, credit card, and purchasing card programs.

Alberta association offers online fleet driving programs

Calgary, Alberta – The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is offering online courses through its Fleet Safety Services, helping to enhance workplace safety measures and sending a strong message that safe driving is a key part of the corporate culture.

AMA Fleet Safety Services has launched the first of its online courses with the Commercial Vehicle/Van Handling course, Driver Fatigue Management Basic and Advanced programs, and the new online Proactive Driver Assessment.

“This partnership has really allowed us to become a world-class operation,” said Ron Wilson, manager of AMA Fleet Safety Services. “Having these courses online allows greater access to our products, and is a cost-effective and efficient way of offering training without sacrificing quality. Using an online platform affords us a new and innovative way to reach clients who may otherwise be unable to participate in a fleet driver safety program.”

Fleet managers can now create an account, distribute courses and monitor their employees’ progress online, while students can learn at their own pace when it’s most convenient.

For more information, visit AMA Fleet Safety.

GE Capital Fleet Services’ Rebate Program for Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Processed More Than $2.5 Million for Customers in 2009

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - (Business Wire) GE Capital Fleet Services today announced that its Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Rebate Program processed more than $2.5 million in rebates for customers in 2009. GE Capital Fleet Services is the only fleet management company to offer a tax-rebate program recognizing customers for taking steps to green company vehicles.

“Our goal with this program is to enable customers to more easily realize the benefits of their green investments,” said John Whyte, Environmental Performance product manager, for GE Capital Fleet Services. “By implementing a rebate program, we’ve streamlined the process for our customers and helped alleviate the initial cost of investment. This is just one way in which we continue to assist our customers in turning their business vehicles into strategic assets.”

The Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005 reserved $875 million of the Act’s $14.5 billion for advanced vehicular technology projects, such as hybrid or alternative fuel tax credits. GE’s rebate program is designed to help customers who make significant investments in new technology to improve their environmental performance secure the appropriate rebates.

The program processes a rebate back to customers with hybrid or alternative fuel fleets in a simple, straightforward manner. Based on IRS regulations, GE Capital Fleet Services tracks eligible vehicles for its customers, calculates the hybrid or alternative fuel credit and processes the rebates. Through this program, GE Capital Fleet Services approved more than $10 million in rebates since the program’s inception in 2007.

About GE Capital, Fleet Services

GE Capital, Fleet Services, based in Eden Prairie, Minn., is a global fleet management company with operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Visit the Web site at gefleet.com or follow the company’s eco news and updates via Twitter (@GEFleetSvcs)

GE Capital offers consumers and businesses around the globe an array of financial products and services. For more information, visit gecapital.com or follow company news via Twitter (@GECapitalNews). GE (NYSE: GE) is Imagination at Work - a diversified technology, media and financial services company focused on solving some of the world's toughest problems. For more information, visit the company's Web site at ge.com.

Trafficmaster buys tracking firm for up to $13.25m

Trafficmaster has acquired Fleet Management Solutions, a provider of satellite-based tracking solutions, for an initial $6.9m cash and $0.35m in shares plus up to $6.0m based on performance.

California-based FMS recorded a loss before tax of $1.6m in 2008. For 2009, revenue is expected to be $5.7m, with an additional $2.2m contracted order back-log not yet installed.

Hundreds of Tampa Bay's risky fuel tanks not updated by state deadline

Despite 19 years' notice, hundreds of gas stations, governments and businesses failed to upgrade risky fuel storage tanks before a New Year's deadline.

To protect drinking water, the state required owners to upgrade the tanks from single-wall protection to double walls — or permanently close them out.

Dan Frank Named President of Wheels Services

DES PLAINES, IL - Daniel Z. Frank (shown below) has been named president of Wheels Services. Wheels Services provides operating support to nearly 300,000 corporate fleet vehicles with services such as maintenance management, accident repair, safety, telematics, and fuel management.

Industry can help world reduce carbon footprint

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says that information and communications technologies are vital to confront global warming and are very much part of the solution.

They can cut emissions in other sectors and help countries adapt to climate change. The incoming chairman of BP, Carl-Henric Svanberg, agrees and says that ICTs can cut global carbon dioxide emissions by 20%.

Pittsburgh controller wants city to examine vehicle maintenance

Rising costs for maintenance and repair of the city's 992 vehicles drove City Controller Michael Lamb on Thursday to recommend that the city investigate the cost of doing its own repairs when the contract with a private garage operator expires later this year.

Among the most significant findings of Lamb's 50-page audit of fleet management was a 13 percent increase in costs such as salaries and wages, fringe benefits, parts and supplies, subcontractor services and capital expenses from March 2008 to December 2009. The audit found a 47 percent increase in vehicle repairs because of accidents, abnormal use, vandalism and theft. The city spends an average of $539,000 a month on these costs, according to the audit.

AFMA sets conference agenda

The Australasian Fleet Managers Association (AFMA) will hold its annual two-day conference in Melbourne, 16-17 March, focusing on the impact of automotive industry change on the Australian market and Australian manufacturers.

AfMA's international keynote speaker on Tuesday 16 March will be John Wormald, co-author of "Driving Over a Cliff?" and "Time for a Model Change". Wormald is managing partner of AutoPOLIS, a strategy consulting firm that specialises in analysing and interpreting the structure of the global automotive industry, the forces that influence them and the likely outcomes and future positioning of organisations
working in the industry.

Study: Telematics to Play Bigger Role in Greening Fleets

LONDON --- More and more fleets in North America and Europe will come to rely on telematics to bolster fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in the next five years, according to a study from Frost & Sullivan.

Fleet companies and consumers alike are increasingly warming to green telematics services since they can reduce emissions and fuel costs by 10 percent, according to the report titled Strategic Analysis of European and North American Green Telematics Market for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles. The study found that the European and North American fleet green-telematics market will likely increase from $80.0 million in 2008 to $700.0 million by 2015.

China's automakers get a turbo boost

HONG KONG - Chery Automobile, BYD Auto and other Chinese car brands, whose sales are already booming in the world's biggest auto market, are set to get a further boost from changes to rules on Chinese central government purchases of vehicles.

New guidelines that will lower the maximum engine size and prices permitted for government vehicles are expected to lead to a move away from high-end cars made by foreign joint ventures and towards vehicles at the top end of ranges produced by Chinese companies

'Best in Class' Company Leaders Gather at AmeriQuest Transportation Industry Symposium

'Best in Class' Company Leaders Gather at
AmeriQuest Transportation Industry Symposium

Top-ranking executives from private fleet, truckload carrier, truck rental and leasing, and transportation supply chain companies come together to gain insight on how to successfully guide their organizations into the future. The event takes place February 25 and 26 in Orlando, with Bill Graves, President and CEO of the American Trucking Associations, as a lead speaker.
CHERRY HILL, NJ, January 20, 2010 - AmeriQuest Transportation Services, a leading provider of comprehensive fleet management services, brings together top-ranking executives representing the private fleet, truckload carrier, truck rental and leasing, and transportation supply chain sectors of the transportation industry at its annual Transportation Industry Symposium February 25 and 26 at The Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, FL.

This year, Bill Graves, President and CEO, American Trucking Associations, the national trade and safety organization of the U.S. trucking industry, serves as a lead speaker.

The Symposium is the only conference where leaders from across the transportation spectrum gather to network with fellow executives, according to Douglas Clark, President and CEO of AmeriQuest. "Each year, we receive tremendous feedback from our attendees about the value of attending our Symposium," he said. "By coming together at one time, in one place, they discover the best ways to nurture and capitalize on innovation in the industry."

This year's Symposium includes two interactive panels that provide current opinions on issues important to the attendees:
• Capital and Credit Markets Panel - Moderated by Neal Weeks, Vice President, Financial Services at AmeriQuest, the panel includes representatives from banks and capital markets. They include Tom Toton, Senior Vice President, Finance and Treasury, Cardinal Logistics, Inc. and Richard Doherty, Executive Vice President, PNC Equipment Finance, LLC.
• Industry Panel - Moderated by Terry Young, President, Volvo and GMC Truck Center of Carolina, it includes leaders from the supply, leasing, truckload carrier, and private fleet arenas.
Speakers in addition to Bill Graves include:
• Dan North, Chief Economist, Euler Hermes ACI, who provides valuable insight into the state of the current economy and what it means to businesses in 2010 and beyond.
• Tom Hutchinson, President, Mid American Group, who will address the timely topic of healthcare reform and its impact on business.
• Thomas Tray, an executive with Aon Trucking Practice, who will cover the topic of risk management within the trucking industry.
A detailed agenda, including contact information, is available at http://www.ameriquestcorp.com/Symposium/Default.aspx

To register to attend the event directly or for more information, contact Kate Barnes at 856-382-4701 or e-mail kbarnes@ameriquestcorp.com.

About AmeriQuest Transportation Services
AmeriQuest, headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ, is a leading provider of comprehensive fleet management services. By leveraging the strength of more than 700,000 vehicles, AmeriQuest delivers savings, expertise, and opportunities to its private fleet and truckload carrier members. AmeriQuest provides supply management services, asset management services, material handling services, financing, technology products, and outsourced transportation management services such as full service leasing, integrated logistics, and contract maintenance. More information can be found at ameriquestcorp.com.

GE Capital Fleet Services’ Rebate Program for Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Processed More Than $2.5 Million for Customers in 2009

Eden Prairie, Minn. – Jan 19, 2010 – GE Capital Fleet Services today announced that its Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Rebate Program processed more than $2.5 million in rebates for customers in 2009. GE Capital Fleet Services is the only fleet management company to offer a tax-rebate program recognizing customers for taking steps to green company vehicles.

“Our goal with this program is to enable customers to more easily realize the benefits of their green investments,” said John Whyte, Environmental Performance product manager, for GE Capital Fleet Services. “By implementing a rebate program, we’ve streamlined the process for our customers and helped alleviate the initial cost of investment. This is just one way in which we continue to assist our customers in turning their business vehicles into strategic assets.”

The Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005 reserved $875 million of the Act’s $14.5 billion for advanced vehicular technology projects, such as hybrid or alternative fuel tax credits. GE’s rebate program is designed to help customers who make significant investments in new technology to improve their environmental performance secure the appropriate rebates.

The program processes a rebate back to customers with hybrid or alternative fuel fleets in a simple, straightforward manner. Based on IRS regulations, GE Capital Fleet Services tracks eligible vehicles for its customers, calculates the hybrid or alternative fuel credit and processes the rebates. Through this program, GE Capital Fleet Services approved more than $10 million in rebates since the program’s inception in 2007.

About GE Capital, Fleet Services
GE Capital, Fleet Services, based in Eden Prairie, Minn., is a global fleet management company with operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Visit the Web site at gefleet.com or follow the company’s eco news and updates via Twitter (@GEFleetSvcs)

GE Capital offers consumers and businesses around the globe an array of financial products and services. For more information, visit gecapital.com or follow company news via Twitter (@GECapitalNews). GE (NYSE: GE) is Imagination at Work - a diversified technology, media and financial services company focused on solving some of the world's toughest problems. For more information, visit the company's Web site at ge.com.


(January 19, 2010) – Miami, Fla. — MoreGallons.com, a fixed price secured fuel savings program, officially launched its service to high quantity users of fuel at the 2010 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10, 2010. At CES, MoreGallons announced its partnership with The Buying Group dba The Member Savings Program Inc. to offer its group members the ability to pre-purchase fuel and lock in at today’s prices.

High-quantity users of fuel, approximately 100 gallons or more per month, can protect themselves from the instability of fuel prices by locking in the current price for use at a later date. MoreGallons can be used in conjunction with fleet or gas credit cards. When fuel prices rise, members can simply redeem pre-purchased gallons, saving money on this unavoidable business expense.

“In light of today’s current economic climate and ever-changing gas prices, small to mid-sized businesses are in need of and looking for the best opportunities to control costs and save money,” said Steven Verona, founder and CEO of MoreGallons. “The day after CES, fuel prices continued to rise. By allowing users to pre-purchase fuel at the current prices, small to mid-sized companies can compete with larger corporations that have benefited from fleet fuel savings programs for years. We are helping to level the playing field.”

The process is simple. When signing up with MoreGallons, members pay an annual membership fee of $79 regardless of the size of their fleet. After joining, unleaded gas and diesel fuel can be pre-purchased in increments of 100 gallons, paying the current price for fuel to be credited to their accounts as a balance in gallons, for a 6 cent per gallon service fee.

Members purchase gas at the pump as they always have, typically with a credit card or fleet fuel card. When the monthly card bill arrives, the user can decide whether or not to cash in their pre-purchased fuel with MoreGallons. If they decide to use their pre-purchased fuel, customers simply complete an online form indicating the number of gallons they wish to cash in from their MoreGallons account and the money is electronically transferred to them within three business days to assist them in paying their card bill, minus a 3 cent per gallon service fee.

Member Savings Program group members can sign up for MoreGallons service through the MSP website and are eligible for 10 free gallons. “We continue to seek partnerships with leading companies that can provide our members with purchasing advantages and business solutions. MoreGallons provides our loyal member base the finest solution to combat volatile fuel prices,” said Mark Schiavone, CEO of Member Saving Program.

Donlen Launches New Brand Identity and Website

Northbrook, IL – Donlen Corporation, North America’s fastest growing fleet leasing and management company, announced today the launch of their new brand identity. This rebranding and updated visual identity reinforces their position as leaders in the fleet management industry. Most notably, the new brand identity includes a new logo, new tagline, and a new website and blog. Also included was an update to the Donlen GreenKey™ website.

“Ideas. Focus. Solutions.™,” Donlen’s new tagline, encompasses the true Donlen difference: innovative and empowering ideas, razor-sharp focus on technology and people, and industry leading, customizable solutions.

One of Donlen’s key areas of focus is to help customers work more efficiently and effectively, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The website, with more in-depth information, interactive media, and a superior user experience, will help them do that.

Visitors to the new website will immediately see an updated look, but also be able to:
• better understand what differentiates Donlen in the marketplace
• navigate easily through the robust fleet solutions that Donlen offers
• access myriad industry and manufacturing resources, all with available RSS feeds
“The new Donlen brand represents our core values,” said Gary Rappeport, Donlen’s CEO. “It symbolizes our strength within the industry, and our commitment to technology, leadership, and innovation.”

For more information about Donlen, visit www.donlen.com
For more insight into the fleet management industry, visit the blog at www.ontheroadwithdonlen.com
For the latest ideas on reducing your fleet’s CO2 and fuel spend, visit www.donlengreenkey.com


Alpharetta, GA – (January 2010) – AmeriFleet Transportation, the Atlanta-based industry leader in total logistics solutions and transportation services to the fleet managements and corporate fleet industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Jackson as Account Manager. In this newly created position, Jackson will have responsibility to oversee the Sanovi-Aventis account, a leading global pharmaceutical company.

Among his responsibilities will be to ensure Sanovi-Aventis fleet logistics services are completed with applied common policies, practices and procedures. Additionally, Jackson will work with Sanofi-Aventis’ multiple fleet management partners to ensure a high level of communication between AmeriFleet Internal Account Consultants, fleet management partners and Sanofi-Aventis personnel. His efforts will include servicing the ongoing needs of the client while ensuring assigned tasks are completed accurately and efficiently and to the high standard of customer service for which AmeriFleet is recognized. Jackson will be based in the company’s Carrolton, Texas office.

Prior to joining AmeriFleet Jackson held the position of Vehicle Coordinator for Irving, Texas-based QEK Global Solutions. There his responsibilities included administering ticket violations, ticket and title ordering, registration renewals, drivers license review and vehicle purchases. He also coordinated vehicle deliveries and prepared auction disposal and transportation for the employee lease vehicle program. His background also includes fleet management positions with Sanofi-Aventis, Siemens Corporation and Pfizer Company.

“We look forward to having Thomas as part of the AmeriFleet team,” said Craig Cheatle, Vice President Strategic Development, AmeriFleet Transportation. “He brings with him a wealth of fleet management knowledge and experience to successfully carry out initiatives for Sanofi-Aventis and to provide them with superior customer service.”

About AmeriFleet

Founded in 1997, Alpharetta, Georgia-based AmeriFleet Transportation provides total logistics solutions and transportation services to the fleet management and corporate fleet industry. Through more than 16 company-owned North America locations, AmeriFleet provides the industry’s most consistent high-quality transportation and ancillary services to its clients which include some of the largest fleet management/leasing companies and self managed corporate fleets in the U.S. and Canada. For more information visit www.amerifleet.com.

Agrium enters into Agreement to supply urea for production of Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Calgary, Alberta –Agrium Inc. (TSX and NYSE: AGU) announced today that it has entered into an exclusive agreement to supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) grade prilled urea from its Borger, Texas nitrogen facility for the production of DEF with Old World Industries. Old World Industries is a privately held corporation based in Northbrook, IL and is a leading manufacturer of antifreeze in the United States. Old World Industries is taking a leading role to establish DEF supply at a national level with its BlueDEF branded DEF. The tonnage supplied from the Borger facility will start from a small base and is expected to grow at a rapid rate over the next five to ten years.

DEF will be added to the exhaust gas of most heavy duty diesel engines made after Jan. 1, 2010. This is in response to the Environmental Protection Agency mandate to reduce harmful NOX emissions from diesel engines by over 90 percent. By using DEF, the NOX will be converted into innocuous nitrogen gas and water. The market for DEF across North America is expected to exceed 1.5 million tons of urea equivalent (1 billion gallons of DEF) by the year 2020.

About Agrium
Agrium Inc. is a major retail supplier of agricultural products and services in both North and South America and a leading global producer and marketer of agricultural nutrients and industrial products. Agrium produces and markets three primary groups of nutrients: nitrogen, phosphate and potash as well as controlled release fertilizers and micronutrients. Agrium’s strategy is to grow through incremental expansion of its existing operations and acquisitions as well as the development, commercialization and marketing of new products and international opportunities.

About Old World Industries

For over 35 years, Old World Industries has been a leading producer, marketer and distributor of functional fluids for heavy-duty and automotive applications. The Northbrook, Illinois, company's PEAK® Performance Products lineup includes antifreeze, oil filters, motor oil, windshield wash, wiper blades, battery chargers, jump starters, power inverters and back-up cameras. Old World's other brands include SIERRA® antifreeze, Fleet Charge®, Final Charge® Heavy Duty Global Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant, and HERCULINER® truck bed liner kits. More information is available at www.bluedef.com and www.oldworldind.com


HOUSTON and MODESTO, Calif. (Jan. 14, 2010) – U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems Inc., a leading provider of universal fleet fueling and maintenance cards, is expanding its Voyager Channel Partner Program with the addition of Boyett Petroleum.

Modesto, Calif.-based Boyett Petroleum, the latest Voyager Channel Partner to date, will begin issuing co-branded Cruise Americard fleet cards for its customers in the central San Joaquin Valley region of California. The Cruise Americard cards tie into Boyett’s retail branding at its Cruiser convenience stores, and allows automotive fleet customers to use the cards at any of the 230,000 Voyager fuel and maintenance acceptance locations throughout the United States. The Cruise Americard fleet cards will also be accepted at all of Boyett Petroleum’s cardlock locations.

“Boyett Petroleum is excited about the opportunity to offer our fleet customers a more comprehensive fuel management system. We look forward to growing the Cruise Americard thru our new Voyager Channel Partnership,” said Dale Boyett, president, Boyett Petroleum.

The Voyager Channel Partner Program allows participants to generate revenue based on monthly fuel volume purchased with the co-branded Voyager fleet card at domestic and remote locations. Additionally, Channel Partners also generate revenue based on non-fuel related charges made by cardholders, including maintenance, roadside assistance, fleet driver training and more.

“U.S. Bank has seen strong growth this year in this program and we are pleased to add Boyett Petroleum, a leading petroleum distributor/retailer, to our list of Channel Partners,” said Jeffrey A. Rankin, senior sales and marketing officer, U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems. “U.S. Bank remains firmly committed to our Voyager Channel Partner Program and is excited about the positive response we have been getting from the jobber market about this opportunity.”

About Boyett Petroleum
Boyett Petroleum, a family business headquartered in Modesto, Calif., currently owns and operates 36 retail gasoline stations under the Boyett Petroleum, Kwik Serv and Valero brands. Boyett Petroleum supplies ARCO, 76, Valero and Shell branded gasoline and diesel products to branded service stations. The company also supplies unbranded gasoline and diesel fuel to hundreds of service stations, agricultural and commercial customers. Boyett Petroleum is a franchisee of the Pacific Pride Fueling Network, providing the fleet fueling needs for over 1000 business customers. The company also operates Cruisers convenience stores. Carl Boyett currently serves as president of the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA), the fueling industries national trade organization. For more information, visit boyett.net.

About Voyager
U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. is a leading provider of the universal fleet fueling and maintenance cards for over 1.6 million vehicles. Specifically designed to serve the needs of any size fleet, Voyager issues the Voyager Fleet Card, accepted at over 230,000 retail locations in all 50 states and provides comprehensive fleet management information services to commercial businesses and government agencies. To learn more, visit Voyager online at usbcpssolutions.com/fleet.

About U.S. Bancorp
U.S. Bancorp, with $265 billion in assets as of Sept. 30, 2009, is the parent company of U.S. Bank, the sixth largest commercial bank in the United States. The company operates 3,002 banking offices in 25 states and 5,170 ATMs and provides a comprehensive line of banking, brokerage, insurance, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services products to consumers, businesses and institutions. Visit U.S. Bancorp on the web at www.usbank.com.

The Hartford’s FleetAhead(SM) To Help School Bus Operators Improve Driving Behavior And Reduce Crashes

HARTFORD, Conn. January 12, 2010 – The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., a leading provider of commercial and personal auto insurance, today unveiled a new suite of technology-based risk management tools to help the company’s commercial fleet customers enhance the safety of their operations.

The Hartford’s FleetAhead(SM) offering includes in-vehicle driver feedback technology, loss control services and customized reporting tools to help fleet managers identify ways to improve safety and lower their vehicle operating costs. The Hartford will begin offering FleetAhead to customers of its School Bus Contractors Program this month.

“Improving passenger safety, reducing accidents and controlling costs are key concerns for school bus operators and all commercial fleet managers,” said Scott Stevens, assistant vice president of The Hartford’s Captive & Specialty Programs. “The Hartford is pleased to offer FleetAhead to help our school bus clients find ways to improve safety.”

For the school bus program, The Hartford has selected GreenRoad, a global pioneer in measuring, improving and sustaining safe and fuel efficient driving, as the technology-based service provider. The FleetAhead offering combines GreenRoad’s ability to provide insight into a driver’s risk level with The Hartford’s longstanding consultative approach to loss control. The Hartford and GreenRoad recently announced a two-year non-exclusive strategic alliance focusing on opportunities to help The Hartford's insurance customers improve driver safety and lower vehicle operating costs.

“We are proud to be selected by The Hartford to deliver a core part of the FleetAhead offering for school bus contractors,” said Eric Shishko, senior vice president of global insurance for GreenRoad. “In a fiercely competitive insurance market, The Hartford is taking an innovative leadership approach to serving its clients, helping them proactively manage risk, reduce costs and differentiate themselves in their respective markets.”

Specific components of the FleetAhead offering for The Hartford’s school bus clients include:

• Real-time Analysis and Coaching Technology, provided by GreenRoad’s driving behavior improvement service, can help drivers make corrections as they drive. Feedback is delivered via a simple, non-distracting red-yellow-green LED display that can enable drivers to identify and self-correct risky and inefficient driving maneuvers in the moment and sustain improvement over time through ongoing feedback. This information is available and summarized on GreenRoad’s Web portal, where drivers and fleet managers can get insight into actual driver performance.

• Loss Control Services that can help fleet managers incorporate driving behavior data into their risk management programs. As part of a 12-month plan, a dedicated loss control team helps fleet managers develop baseline metrics and review driver scores monthly, enabling fleet managers to better understand their risks and help them improve their safety programs.

• Reporting and Analytical Tools: The Hartford’s state-of-the-art @venture Risk Management Information System (RMIS) allows risk managers to analyze losses, identify trends and help measure the overall success of their risk management programs.

Initially, The Hartford will offer FleetAhead exclusively to its School Bus Contractors Program customers through Capacity Coverage of New Jersey, a leading insurance brokerage for the school bus industry.

“The school bus industry is entrusted with the safety of millions of children each day, so driver skill and performance are of the utmost importance.” said Jeff Carlson, executive vice president at Capacity. “We are pleased to present FleetAhead to our school bus clients who are continually looking for innovative ways to enhance the safety of their operations.”

For more information about FleetAhead, visit www.thehartford.com/fleetahead or contact info@fleetahead.com.

About GreenRoad
GreenRoad is the pioneer and world’s leading provider of a comprehensive service to improve driving behavior. GreenRoad helps commercial fleets, insurers and consumers measure, improve and sustain safe and fuel-efficient driving behavior. The service integrates real-time, in-vehicle feedback, coaching, reporting and risk analysis tools to empower drivers to improve immediately. GreenRoad’s service is cost-effective, automated and fully scalable. Customers typically reduce crashes by up to 50 percent and cut fuel usage and emissions by up to 10 percent. The company is headquartered in Redwood Shores, Calif., with sales offices throughout the U.S. and UK and an R&D Center in Israel. Investors include Benchmark Capital, Virgin Green Fund, Amadeus, Balderton Capital and DAG Ventures. For more information, visit www.greenroad.com.

Navman Wireless Adds Industry-First Interactive Drilldown Report & Other Easy-Use Features to Fleet Management System

GLENVIEW, IL (January 13, 2010) — In an industry-first enhancement to its widely adopted OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking and management software, Navman Wireless today introduced an interactive drilldown report on fleet performance that allows managers to move from a summary view to the vehicle level in a few clicks for faster analysis and troubleshooting. The new Version 9.3 also features two dozen other upgrades that aid in optimizing fleet operations, including other reporting improvements, new map usability features, and support for fleets serving 10 times more customers than before.

The enhancements extend the benefits that have made OnlineAVL2 one of the leading GPS-based fleet management solutions in the world, with deployments on five continents that are helping companies reduce fuel usage, trim other operating costs, improve fleet productivity and maximize customer service. Highlights of the 9.3 release include:

• Drilldown report, enabling users to access key performance metrics at the fleet, vehicle group and individual vehicle levels without having to run multiple reports. Data such as total in-use hours, travel time, distance driven, stop time, idle time, number of stops and number of idles can be viewed at any level – including region, subregion, and even month, week and day for individual vehicles - simply by clicking. This speeds problem analysis and resolution.

• Detachable map, allowing full-screen display of OnlineAVL2’s map on a monitor or plasma screen independent of the program’s vehicle activity information. This new option – easily activated by clicking a Detach Map button in the program’s toolbar – allows the map required by operations personnel to be separated from the vehicle activity/message data needed by dispatchers if desired.

• Vehicle color coding, making map icons instantly identifiable by vehicle type such as service, distribution, region and any other designation. This simplifies dispatch and operations tasks such as determining the closest appropriate vehicle for a job, particularly in larger fleets with multiple vehicle categories.

• Map bookmarks, permitting users to save frequently used map views such as major customer locations or geofenced business zones for faster access. This new Map View feature makes it possible to quickly navigate to a previously defined map view from a map menu item similar to Favorites on a browser.

• ‘Recently Used’ reports, enabling users to retrieve their most commonly used reports without browsing the entire OnlineAVL2 reports list.

• Support for 10,000 customer sites per fleet, up from 1,000 in previous versions, to allow use of OnlineAVL2 by larger fleet operations.

All upgrades are included with new product purchases at no extra charge and provided free to current customers, either on request or during the next scheduled automatic software update.

“This new release of OnlineAVL2 expedites information access for fleet managers and operators in a variety of ways for even better insight into their fleet activities and performance,” said Renaat Ver Eecke, Vice President, Navman Wireless North America. “For the first time, for example, users have the ability to drill down to a problem seen on a summary report and trace it to a specific vehicle and even a specific day in minutes. Innovations like these can play an important role in achieving new fleet efficiencies.”

About Navman Wireless
Navman Wireless is a global leader in GPS-based fleet optimization products and services, including real-time vehicle tracking and OEM GPS solutions that enable companies to track, monitor and communicate with their movable and fixed equipment assets. The company’s flagship OnlineAVL2/Qube system is installed in more than 100,000 vehicles owned by over 7,500 customers worldwide, making Navman Wireless one of the world’s largest fleet management providers with coverage on five continents. Navman Wireless is based in Glenview, IL, with facilities in the U.S., Mexico, UK, Italy, Taiwan, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. For more information, visit www.navmanwireless.com .

World Trade Association of Philadelphia Chooses OHL Leader as President

Brentwood, TN (January 12, 2010) – Joseph (Joe) P. McDermott, manager of market development for OHL Global Freight Management and Logistics, has been named president of the World Trade Association of Philadelphia (WTA), an international trade organization. McDermott, a Philadelphia resident, assumed presidency of the association on September 16, 2009, and will hold the position for a term of one year, followed by a second year as presidential advisor to the incoming president.

“Joe McDermott was nominated as third vice president of The World Trade Association of Philadelphia in 2006 and has eagerly and enthusiastically worked his way to the top, demonstrating the necessary skills to effectively serve as president of one of the most prestigious associations in this industry,” said Deborah Ingravallo, executive administrator of the WTA. “His commitment and support over the years is unparalleled, and we look forward to working with him as president.”

“I am humbled and profoundly grateful to be chosen to lead such a fine group of professionals, and I look forward to the challenges laid before us,” said McDermott. “My goal is to increase the visibility of the World Trade Association of Philadelphia throughout the tri-state area and engender a spirit of helpful cooperation among our members to exchange ideas and experiences.”

McDermott has been a member of the WTA for more than twenty years and has been a board member for more than eight years. Some of his accomplishments during that time include revitalizing a series of workshops with high-ranking individuals such as the president of the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association, the vice president of the trade publication Journal of Commerce, the captain of the U.S. Coast Guard Philadelphia Port and the CEOs of various steamship lines. He was also instrumental in improving WTA’s scholarship program which assists students pursuing degrees in international trade. Joe has been with OHL, for almost thirty years and has served in operations and business development roles for the company.

To obtain a photo of McDermott or to view this release online, please visit http://media.ohl.com/news/2010/01/world-trade-association-philadelphia-chooses-ohl-leader-president.com

About WTA
The World Trade Association of Philadelphia was established in 1931 with the purpose of promoting international trade and currently has 100 volunteer members representing every segment of the maritime industry. Its meetings and seminars, held on a monthly basis, offer extraordinary networking opportunities to members and non-members. For three consecutive years, the association has raised $50,000 to support Autism Speaks and has provided numerous scholarships to young adults pursuing studies in international trade. Incoming directors and the executive board members are installed each September at the annual banquet.

Commercial Truck Trader iPhone application puts 65,000 new and used commercial trucks and trailers at shoppers’ fingertips

NORFOLK, Va., Jan. 12, 2010 – Commercial Truck Trader, the industry’s leading advertising and marketing services provider for commercial truck dealers, and a division of Dominion Enterprises, has released an iPhone application. The free Commercial Truck Trader application lets truck shoppers search more than 65,000 new and used commercial trucks and trailers for sale and quickly find truck dealers in the Commercial Truck Trader Dealer Network. The app can be downloaded from the business section of the iTunes Store by searching the key phrase “Commercial Truck Trader.”

The new Commercial Truck Trader iPhone app is GPS-sensitive, allowing truck shoppers in the construction and transportation industries to quickly find nearby light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks of all shapes and sizes. The search tool allows users to search for vehicles by type, new or used condition, price range, and model year in a specific zip code or by location. The application also saves the user’s recent searches and vehicles viewed to make finding trucks and trailers even easier.

“Buyers today demand immediate information. Our iPhone application allows anyone to shop for new or used trucks from anywhere at any time,” said Commercial Truck Trader Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Bondi.

The Commercial Truck Trader application lets users view multiple vehicle and dealer locations on enhanced Google maps and quickly access driving directions. Each listing provides a detailed description, multiple photos of the vehicle for sale, and contact information for the seller.

When shoppers have found the perfect truck or trailer, they can save the listing to their wish list, call or e-mail the seller, map out directions to the vehicle, or send the listing to a friend.

Features included in the new free application include:
- GPS sensitive search
- Enhanced search parameters such as vehicle type and category, new or used condition, price range and model year
- Multi location map views with touchable pins
- Individual listings with pictures and multiple seller contact options
- Driving directions to vehicle location
- YouTube videos for select listings
- Wish List to save favorite vehicles
- Recents section that saves recent searches and vehicles viewed

A demonstration video for the Commercial Truck Trader iPhone application is available on the Commercial Truck Trader Insider blog.

About Commercial Truck Trader
Commercial Truck Trader, a division of Dominion Enterprises, is an industry-leading advertising and marketing services company serving sellers of light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. With 100,000 visitors per week and 9 weekly print magazines, Commercial Truck Trader is the best way to sell a new or used commercial truck. For more information about Commercial Truck Trader, call 1-888-615-8310 or visit www.CommercialTruckTrader.com.

About Dominion Enterprises
Dominion Enterprises is a leading marketing services company serving the automotive, enthusiast and commercial vehicle, real estate, apartment rental, and employment industries. The company’s businesses provide a comprehensive suite of technology-based marketing solutions including Internet advertising, lead generation, CRM, web site design and hosting, and data management services. The company has more than 45 market-leading Web sites reaching more than 16.7 million unique visitors, and more than 450 magazines with a weekly circulation of 4.3 million. Headquartered in Norfolk, Va., the company has 5,400 employees in more than 200 offices nationwide. For more information, visit http://www.DominionEnterprises.com.

GE Capital Fleet Services’ Environmental Performance Solution Delivers Significant Operating and Environmental Improvements

Eden Prairie, Minn., January 12, 2010 - GE Capital Fleet Services today announced its Environmental Performance solution was reapproved as a GE ecomagination product, confirming the significant operating and environmental performance improvements it delivers to customers. As a GE ecomagination product, reapproval must be sought every three years to reconfirm the validity of the product offering.

GreenOrder, a strategic consulting firm specializing in environmental sustainability, reapproved the Environmental Performance solution through a rigorous review process including an in-depth examination of the product’s performance claims.

The Environmental Performance solution provides customers with individually tailored strategies to reduce operating costs while lowering the environmental impact of their fleets. This is achieved through a combination of customized vehicle selection services, integrated vehicle efficiency tools, and in-depth analysis and reporting.

For example, vehicle efficiency tools can help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and yield annual savings of over $475 in gasoline costs per vehicle, at $2.50 per gallon, while avoiding 1.7 metric tons of CO2 emissions per vehicle. In addition, selecting more fuel-efficient vehicles and moving to a smaller vehicle class, or incorporating hybrids, can result in a 17 – 59 percent improvement in fuel consumption for a fleet, generating annual per-vehicle savings of $435 to $870 in fuel costs, at $2.50 per gallon, while avoiding the emission of 1.6 to 3.2 metric tons of CO2 per vehicle, per year.

“Our customers benefit from having a team dedicated to continually developing products and services to help them advance corporate environmental goals while optimizing operational efficiencies,” said John Whyte, Environmental Performance product manager for GE Capital Fleet Services. “Not only do we leverage the extensive fleet management knowledge and strategic consulting services within our business, but we also leverage the full breadth of expertise available across GE.”

As an environmental leader within the fleet industry, GE Capital Fleet Services has published two guides on environmentally efficient fleet management and driver best practices. The complimentary guides are available for download at www.gefleet.com/ecoguides

About GE ecomagination
Ecomagination is GE’s company-wide initiative to advance technologies that help customers meet pressing operational and environmental challenges. Since its launch in 2005, ecomagination has grown to generate revenues of more than $17 billion through a robust portfolio of more than 80 environmentally innovative products and services. GE Capital Fleet Services' Environmental Performance solution is currently available in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Monday, January 11, 2010


DETROIT, Jan. 11, 2010 – Ford Motor Company today announced it will invest an additional $450 million in its aggressive electric vehicle plan, paving the way to build a next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle in Michigan beginning in 2012 and creating 1,000 new jobs.

This comes in addition to Ford’s already announced plans to invest $550 million to transform Michigan Assembly Plant from a large SUV factory to a modern car plant to build the all-new Focus starting in 2010 and Focus Electric pure battery electric vehicle in 2011. With today’s news, Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich., will be the production site of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full battery electric vehicles, all of which will be built off the company’s new global
C-car platform.

“This investment underscores how serious we are about delivering a range of electrified vehicles to customers – including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles,” said Bill Ford, Ford’s executive chairman. “Our industry is at the intersection of three critical global issues –
the economy, energy and the environment. The winning companies will be those that address these issues with vehicles that are also exciting and fun to drive, without compromises.”

In addition to building the Ford Focus Electric and next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid at Michigan Assembly Plant, Ford said it is bringing battery system design and development in-house.

Ford will design advanced lithium-ion battery systems in-house for the next-generation hybrid in Michigan and move production of the battery packs from Mexico to Michigan. The production site will be announced at a later date.

In addition, Ford has announced it will produce hybrid transaxles at its Van Dyke Transmission facility in Sterling Heights, Mich., beginning in 2012.

Partnering with the state of Michigan has been critical to the acceleration of the electric vehicle plan, Ford said. Today, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority board approved a package of incentives and tax credits totaling $188 million. The package includes job credits, brownfield site credits and battery pack assembly credits recently approved by the Michigan legislature.

“Vehicle electrification is part of our ongoing strategy to diversify Michigan’s economy and make
the state a center for green and advanced manufacturing,” said Michigan Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm. “That is why we have worked so hard to invest in and encourage development of battery and electric vehicle technology and production in the state. We applaud Ford’s leadership and commitment to Michigan and our transportation future.”

Ford’s electric vehicle lineup
As part of its aggressive electrification plan, Ford in 2009 doubled the number and volume of its hybrid electric vehicles to include the award-winning Ford Fusion and Escape hybrids and Mercury Milan and Mariner hybrids.

Going forward, Ford plans to bring the following electrified vehicles to market over the next three years:

* Ford Transit Connect battery electric vehicle commercial van in 2010
* Ford Focus Electric passenger car in 2011
* Next-generation hybrid based on C-car platform in 2012
* Plug-in hybrid based on C-car platform in 2012

First to market will be a pure battery electric version of the Ford Transit Connect, a small commercial van introduced in North America in 2009. Transit Connect Electric will have a targeted range of up to 80 miles per full charge and zero tailpipe emissions. With Azure Dynamics serving as upfitter, the first units will enter the market later this year.

The pure battery electric version of the redesigned Ford Focus follows in 2011. Focus Electric will have a targeted range of up to 100 miles per full charge with zero tailpipe emissions.

The next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles slated for 2012 also will be built on Ford’s global C platform. These vehicles – not yet revealed – will leverage Ford’s considerable experience with both its current hybrid lineup and plug-in hybrid fleet that is undergoing road testing with the company’s utility industry partners.

A key component driving development of Ford’s upcoming electric vehicles is lithium-ion battery system technology – the design, development and assembly of which Ford will bring in-house for its new hybrid vehicles.

“Battery system design and development will be a core competency for Ford in the 21st century,” said Nancy Gioia, Ford’s director of Global Electrification. “Building in-house expertise and leveraging our global scale is critical to developing electrified vehicles that are affordable, connected and fun to drive.”

The future of electric vehicle manufacturing in Michigan
Ford’s investment and the state’s incentives will create approximately 1,000 new jobs related to the production of the company’s future electric vehicles and the production of key hybrid components, including battery pack assembly. Most of those jobs will be created at Michigan Assembly Plant, which is being transformed to produce fuel-efficient, small global cars.

“Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant is quickly becoming a symbol of transformation on many different levels,” said Jim Tetreault, vice president, North America Manufacturing. “Not only will the new facility enable Ford to meet increased market demand for small fuel-efficient cars, it also promises to become the hub of Ford’s advanced technology vehicle manufacturing in Michigan that will benefit the company, the UAW, the state and our customers throughout North America.”

Bharatbook.com : European Fleet Market Profiler 2008 - Top 7 Markets

European Fleet Market Profiler 2008 - Top 7 Markets

The PowerPoint presentation provides an analysis and a five-year forecast of the seven most developed fleet and company car markets in Europe. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=129632&rt=Europe ... )

Scope of this research

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.
Fleet market and company car market in 2007-2013. Penetration of three basic funding methods and fleet management services.

Research and analysis highlights

New car sales; Non-private vs private sales; company car market; company car parc by funding method; company car market by make; macroeconomic, tax and legislative changes impacting the market.

Key reasons to purchase this research

This 140-slide presentation contains data and five-year forecast of the size, structure and growth potential of seven fleet markets till 2013.
The document also brings you market shares of the major leasing and fleet management companies in each of the seven countries.

To know more and to buy a copy of your report feel free to visit : http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=129632&rt=Europe ...

Commissioner suspended after giving work to man who scammed city

A high-ranking city commissioner was suspended today for three months without pay after the Chicago Sun-Times revealed his department paid more than $11 million to a business owner who had previously pleaded guilty to ripping off the city.

Oil Companies Push Back On Ethanol

Refiners and oil companies joined vehicle manufacturers and recreational boat users in requesting the federal government does more research before allowing higher concentrations of ethanol in gasoline.

National AF&V Conference Speakers Announced

LAS VEGAS - Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi) hosts the sixteenth Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference + Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 9-12. AFVi is pleased to announce the latest developments in speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

T. Boone Pickens, founder and chairman of BP Capital Management, has dominated the news in the eighteen months since launching the “Pickens Plan,” his national energy campaign. He’s achieved his goal of starting a national conversation and now wants the federal government to bring about change. He’s proven himself to be a powerful voice in addressing the twin threats of economic vulnerability and national security. Mr. Pickens kicks off AF&V 2010 with a Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, May 9.

John Davis is the Emmy® Award-winning host, executive producer and creator of MotorWeek, television's longest running automotive series. Seen by millions of viewers on PBS, Davis was one of the first mainstream media outlets to provide regular coverage of alternative fuels and “green” vehicle technology. As a trusted and recognized automotive journalist, he has been featured on CNN, Weekend Today, PARADE Magazine and countless media outlets around the country. Mr. Davis’ keynote presentation is Tuesday, May 11.

Keynote speakers will be joined by 150 experts presenting topics in thirty-two concurrent sessions. Timely information will be presented by speakers representing Argonne National Laboratory; ATDynamics; Booz, Allen, Hamilton; California Energy Commission; CALSTART; Clean Energy; Electric Drive Transportation Association; Ford Motor Company; Hampton Roads Clean Cities; J.D. Power & Associates; LA Freightliner; Luxfer Gas Cylinders; Las Vegas Regional Clean Cities Coalition; Massachusetts Port Authority; National Biodiesel Board; Natural Gas Vehicle Institute; New Haven Clean Cities; Renewable Fuels Association; Rochester Institute of Technology; Rocky Mountain Institute; Roush; South Coast Air Quality Management District; Silver Eagle Manufacturing; The Parking Spot; Toyota Motor Company; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; VCA North America; Westport Innovations and Wisconsin Clean Cities.

AF&V 2010 is presented on behalf of AFVi’s sponsors, including: ANGI Energy Systems, Clean Energy, Ford Motor Company, GreenField Compression, Luxfer Gas Cylinders, National Biodiesel Board, Renewable Fuels Association, Robert Bosch LLC, South Coast Air Quality Management District and Toyota Motor Company. In addition to the sponsors, early exhibitors include AFV Fleet Service, Allied Equipment, BAUER Compressors, Baytech, Chart Inc. - NexGen Fueling, CNG Cylinders International, CP Industries, Creative Bus Sales, Cryostar SAS, Cummins Westport, Dixie Chopper, Eaton, Freightliner Trucks, Gas Equipment Systems, IMPCO Technologies, Jefferson Solenoid Valves, NatGasCar, NaturalDrive Partners, Odyne Systems, Parker Hannifin, PSB Industries, P.C. McKenzie Company, Quantum Tecstar, Rel-Tek, ROTAREX, Southern California Gas Company, Titeflex, Trillium USA, Tulsa Gas Technologies, U.S. Department of Energy, Clean Cities Program, VCA North America , WEH Technologies and Xebec Adsorption.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVI) is an entrepreneurial organization that works through industry to bring people in need of proven transportation technologies together with those who can meet their needs. AFVI is fuel and technology neutral. More information on the Conference is available by going to http://www.afv2010.com.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ATA Co-sponsors National Conference on Sleep Apnea and Truck Drivers

Arlington, Va. - The American Trucking Associations (ATA) will co-sponsor the first-ever national conference on sleep apnea and commercial motor vehicle drivers on May 12, 2010.

Obstructed sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition in which an individual's airway is blocked while sleeping, typically resulting in frequent breathing interruptions lasting from 10 seconds to more than a minute at a time, loud snoring and non-restorative sleep. The illness afflicts at least 20 million Americans - equal to or more than asthma or diabetes - yet more than 85 percent remain undiagnosed. Individuals with OSA are more likely to have high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke and depression, contributing to annual health care costs that are twice that of people without sleep apnea.

"It is important that the trucking industry actively engages in improving the quality of life and the performance of our drivers," said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. "Professional truck drivers play a vital role in delivering our nation's freight." The conference, hosted by the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA), will feature presentations and panel discussions that focus on providing a common understanding of OSA diagnosis and treatment, clarifying current and proposed regulations, establishing an ongoing forum of experts to generate guidance for improvements, and providing trucking management with the resources to improve employee health and safety.

"The trucking industry continues to grapple with the tough questions and issues surrounding screening and treatment for sleep apnea," said Dave Osiecki, ATA Vice President of Safety, Security and Operations. "This event is a significant step forward and we encourage industry stakeholders to participate."

The one-day conference will be held at the Westin Baltimore Washington - BWI in Baltimore, Md. and is preceded by a reception and keynote address from National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman on May 11, 2010.

For more information, visit the ASAA conference Web site at www.satc2010.org

Networkfleet, Inc. Promotes Keith Schneider to CEO

SAN DIEGO, CA—January 4, 2010 —Networkfleet, a leader in wireless fleet management and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Telematics, today announced that Keith Schneider has been promoted to the position of president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Networkfleet, Inc. In this expanded role, Schneider will continue to oversee all company operations as well as be more externally focused on activities involving customer and investor relations.

Schneider joined Networkfleet in April 2007 as president. Under Schneider’s leadership, the company has invested in and built out the infrastructure needed to scale the business and grow rapidly. In 2009, Networkfleet surpassed 100,000 subscriber vehicles in the U.S. The company rebranded itself from Networkcar to Networkfleet in 2008 to reflect its focus on the commercial and government fleet market. The company also moved into new, larger headquarters to accommodate its current and future growth.

"Keith has a clear strategic vision that he has been able to implement by building a great team, focused on tactical execution to drive growth at Networkfleet," said Jeffrey A. Leddy, CEO of Hughes Telematics, Networkfleet's parent company. "He has consistently demonstrated the operational and management abilities needed to achieve success in a dynamic growth market. The solid foundation and infrastructure that he has built provides an excellent platform for continued rapid growth."

"Networkfleet is in a great position for robust, sustainable growth, with a solid team and a strong product offering," said Schneider. "Working with the rest of the management team, I look forward to strengthening Networkfleet's leadership position in telematics solutions for the fleet market and capitalizing on emerging growth opportunities."

Prior to Networkfleet, Schneider served as vice president of indirect distribution for Sprint Nextel Communications, where he was responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of key programs and policies supporting Nextel's local and national third party indirect channels. Schneider began his Nextel career as a general manager in Southern California, launching and building one of Nextel's first and largest markets.

Schneider is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, with a bachelor of science in international marketing and holds a masters of arts in management from John F. Kennedy University. He also participated in the Strategy Business Leadership Certificate program at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.

EPA releases new mobile source emissions model

WASHINGTON - An updated version of the Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) model – MOVES2010 – is now available for use to estimate air pollution from cars, trucks, and other on-road mobile sources. The model can also calculate the emissions reduction benefits from a range of mobile source control strategies, such as inspection and maintenance programs and local fuel standards.

EPA will soon publish a Federal Register notice approving MOVES2010 for meeting official state implementation plan and transportation conformity requirements. The MOVES2010 model replaces EPA’s MOBILE6.2 emissions factor model.

Under the Clean Air Act, EPA is required to update regularly the way it calculates mobile source emissions. EPA is continuously collecting data and conducting emissions studies to assess the air quality impacts of on-road vehicles. As a result of using data collected from millions of cars and trucks gathered since MOBILE6.2 was released in 2004, MOVES2010 provides increased accuracy in emissions inventory results.

For the first time, the model can estimate emissions on a range of scales from national emissions impacts down to the impacts of individual transportation projects. Another improvement is the ability to express output as either total mass (in tons, pounds, kilograms, or grams) or as emissions factors (grams-per-mile, and in some cases, grams-per-vehicle). These changes to how EPA approaches mobile source emissions modeling are based, in part, upon recommendations made to the agency by the National Academy of Sciences.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


from Automotive-Fleet.com

CHICAGO - Rob Parham, fleet manager for the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, retired Dec. 31, 2009 after 33 years of service.

Parham joined Wrigley in 1976 as a packaging designer. In 1981, he became a purchasing agent in the procurement group. Parham assumed responsibility for Wrigley's U.S. fleet in 1985. In the following years, Parham held various management positions in procurement, office administration, and facilities management departments, while continuing to maintain management of Wrigley's U.S. fleet. Parham also provided consulting services to Wrigley's Canadian fleet and in 2005 provided leadership to the start-up of Wrigley's fleet services in Mexico.

Upon joining the facilities services group, daily responsibility for the U.S. sales fleet was transferred to the procurement group, but Parham continued to manage the executive fleet, while assisting the staff responsible for the Wrigley fleets in Canada and Mexico. In addition, Parham served on the GM Commercial Fleet Sounding Board and was a founding member of the Chrysler Customer Advisory Board. Wrigley's future fleet responsibilities will be shared with the procurement and executive administration departments.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Ends on a Strong Note As Shoppers Return to New Vehicles

ATLANTA – January 6, 2009 – New car shopping activity on AutoTrader.com saw a significant burst in December compared to December of 2008 and recent previous months, as consumers began looking at more new cars. Most new vehicles on AutoTrader.com’s Top 20 list of new cars searched saw double-digit increases in views compared to December 2008, which for many automakers was one of the worst selling months.

Leading the way on AutoTrader.com was the Chevrolet Traverse crossover, which saw a 181% increase in views compared to December 2008. The Toyota Corolla was the top-gaining car on the Top 20 list for the month, with an increase of views of 154% compared to December 2008.

New vehicle prices may also be on the rebound, with average list prices for 14 of the top 20 new cars viewed on the site marking increases compared to December of 2008. The Ford F-150, the Ford Fusion and the Chevy Silverado all saw double digit average price increases over December 2008. Increases in other average list prices were more modest, but are still encouraging.

“December 2009 may be remembered as the month where interest in new cars returned if activity on our site is any indication,” said AutoTrader.com President and CEO Chip Perry. “Many consumers are feeling more confident about their jobs and the economy going into the New Year, and those factors, coupled with lots of exciting new models in showrooms, should drive an increasing amount of foot traffic to new car dealers throughout 2010. The typical AutoTrader.com visitor is looking to purchase a vehicle in 30 to 90 days, so new car dealers and auto manufacturers may have something to celebrate in the next quarter or so.”

The F-150 and the Honda Accord held the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on the most viewed new car list for December 2009, positions those perennial favorites held in November of 2009 and in December of 2008.

Used Car Demand Falls as Inventories Shrink, Consumers Opt for New

Views for used and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles on AutoTrader.com continued to benefit trucks and SUVs, as these larger vehicles remained popular with car shoppers in December 2009. While overall shopping activity for many used and CPO vehicles was down, this was driven by the reduced inventories, rather than a loss of interest, a fact that was reflected in the increased average asking prices of these trucks and SUVs. For example, while the full-size Chevrolet Suburban SUV saw views decrease 24% in December 2009 compared to December 2008, average asking prices for available vehicles increased almost 19%, from $27,951 in December 2008 to $33,185 this past month.

“Poor sales in 2008 due to high gas prices and the economy – which caused a corresponding pull back of manufacturing new cars – has reduced the number of used and CPO vehicles now available on the market, which in turn has reduced dealer inventories and the amount of shopping activity that we are currently seeing on such vehicles,” said Perry. “As new car sales improve and these buyers trade in their now used cars, we should see also see a corresponding improvement in used-car inventories and shopping activity.

CPO inventories took a double hit as the credit crisis caused many manufacturers to pull back or eliminate leasing programs, an important avenue for late model CPO inventory. “Those CPO buyers who weren’t scared away from buying by the challenging economy found that in many cases there just wasn’t available inventory of CPO vehicles because these leasing programs had dried up,” said Perry. “But as credit eases for both consumers and auto manufacturers, we’ll see a return to normalcy in the CPO market. Certified vehicles remain an important component of manufacturers’ and dealers’ sales strategies going forward into the future.”

The Ford F-150 captured the No. 1 spot on the top viewed used vehicles list in December 2009, followed by the BMW 3 Series at No. 2, the Chevy Silverado at No. 3 and the Ford Mustang at No. 4. All four models held these same positions in November of 2009 and in December of 2008.

In CPO searches, the BMW 3 Series captured the top spot again, with, in order, the Chevy Silverado, the Honda Accord, the Chevy Tahoe and the Ford F-150 rounding out the top five most viewed CPO vehicles on AutoTrader.com.

Another Increase in Site Traffic

In December 2009, AutoTrader.com logged another traffic increase, marking the 12th consecutive month where monthly site traffic in 2009 beat traffic for the same month in 2008. In December, AutoTrader.com logged 13.05 million unique monthly visitors, up 1 percent compared to December 2008.

“Our site traffic is indicative of the continuing trend in people going to the internet to shop for vehicles,” said Perry. “Today, the vast majority of car shoppers are going to the internet to research and compare models, get pricing and specials and see inventory in their area. AutoTrader.com has been a key player in spurring this trend and car dealers who continue to refine their on-line marketing will be the big winners in 2010 and in years to come.”


DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 5, 2010 – Higher sales in every product category and for every brand propelled Ford to a 33 percent sales increase in December versus a year ago.

Ford cars were up 42 percent, crossovers were up 51 percent, sport utilities were up 33 percent, and trucks and vans were up 18 percent. Among brands, Ford sales were up 37 percent, Lincoln sales were up 16 percent and Mercury sales were up 6 percent.

“Ford’s plan is working,” said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing Sales and Service. “Customer consideration continues to grow for our high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles. In 2010, we will introduce an even higher number of new products, giving customers more reasons to Drive One.”

Every consumer metric about the Ford brand – including favorable opinion, consideration, shopping and intention to buy – ended the year at record levels. In fact, favorable opinion is up more than 20 percent from the beginning of the year, and intention to buy Ford increased more than 30 percent.

“People increasingly are discovering that the Ford difference is the strength of our products, particularly our leadership in quality, fuel efficiency, safety, smart technologies and value,” said Czubay.

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury December sales totaled 179,017, up 33 percent versus a year ago. Full-year sales totaled 1.62 million, down 15 percent.

Ford estimates its full-year 2009 U.S. total market share was about 15 percent – about 1 percentage point higher than in 2008. This marks the company’s first full-year U.S. market share increase since 1995. Ford also has improved its retail market share 14 times in the last 15 months.

Sales Highlights

* Ford Fusion, recently named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, posted a December sales increase of 83 percent and set new December (18,852) and full-year (180,671) sales records. Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan are the most fuel-efficient mid-size sedans in America.
* Ford Taurus sales totaled 7,256 for the month, up 110 percent versus a year ago. Since the introduction of the all-new model in August, Taurus sales are nearly 90 percent higher than a year ago.
* Ford Mustang sales were up 62 percent in December, and Ford Focus sales increased 22 percent. Mercury Milan and Lincoln MKZ were each up 5 percent.
* Crossover utilities also posted strong sales increases. In 2009, the Ford brand was the top-selling brand of crossovers in the U.S., led by the Ford Escape. Escape set a December sales record (19,156), up 75 percent versus a year ago. For the full year, Escape sales totaled 173,044, the second-best sales year ever. Ford Edge sales were up 59 percent, and Ford Flex sales were up 73 percent. The all-new Lincoln MKT posted its highest sales to date (858).
* Ford’s F-Series truck had its best sales month since March 2008. F-Series sales in December were 48,209 (up 16 percent), bringing the full-year total to 413,625. F-Series has been America’s best-selling truck for 33 years in a row and America’s best-selling vehicle, car or truck, for 28 years in a row. In 2009, F-Series increased its leadership position among full-size pickups with a 4 percentage-point gain in segment share.
* Transit Connect, Ford’s new versatile, fuel-efficient small commercial van, had its best sales month (1,992) since August.
* Ford’s new EcoBoost engine technology and hybrid vehicles are winning customers, too. December was the best sales month for EcoBoost (1,662), and total EcoBoost sales since introduction now total 4,973. The conquest rate for the Taurus SHO is 60 percent. EcoBoost provides customers up to 20 percent improvement in fuel economy and a 15 percent reduction in emissions versus larger-displacement engines. EcoBoost is standard on the Taurus SHO and available on the Ford Flex, Lincoln MKS and Lincoln MKT.
* December sales of hybrid vehicles totaled 2,843, up 147 percent versus a year ago. Ford hybrid models include the Ford Fusion, Ford Escape, Mercury Milan and Mercury Mariner. For the full year, Ford hybrid sales totaled 33,502, a new record and up 72 percent versus a year ago.

# # #

Note: The sales data included in this release and the accompanying tables are based largely on data reported by dealers representing their sales to retail and fleet customers.

About Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 200,000 employees and about 90 plants worldwide, the company's automotive brands include Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford's products, please visit www.ford.com.

GSA Updates Vehicle Reimbursement Rates

January 4, 2010

WASHINGTON – New federal government reimbursement rates for the use of privately owned vehicles while on official business became effective Jan.1, the U.S. General Services Administration announced today.

The 2010 privately owned vehicle reimbursement rates are:

Automobile - $0.50/mile
Motorcycle - $0.47/mile
Airplane - $1.29/mile

Developed by GSA in consultation with the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, and government employees’ union representatives, the rates reflect an extensive market-based analysis of the cost of operating privately owned automobiles, motorcycles, and airplanes used for government business.

GSA is mandated by law not to exceed the single standard mileage rate for automobiles established by the Internal Revenue Service.

For further information about the 2010 privately owned vehicle reimbursement rates and how they are determined, visit www.gsa.gov/mileage.

# # #

GSA provides a centralized delivery system of products and services to the federal government, leveraging its enormous buying power to get the best value for taxpayers.

* Founded in 1949, GSA manages more than 11 percent of the government’s total procurement dollars and $30 billion in federal assets, including 8,600 government-owned or leased buildings and 213,000 vehicles.
* GSA helps preserve our past and define our future, as a steward of more than 480 historic properties, and as manager of USA.gov, the official portal to federal government information and services.
* GSA’s mission to provide superior workplaces, expert technology solutions, acquisition services, purchasing and E-Gov travel solutions and management policies, at best value, allows federal agencies to focus on their core missions.

Monday, January 4, 2010

GE Capital Fleet Services Hosts Environmental Performance Webinar: Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid

Eden Prairie, Minn. – January 4, 2010 – GE Capital Fleet Services will host an Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid webinar on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, as part of its Environmental Performance webinar series. The third webinar in the series will examine the current state of electric vehicle technology and will address available business tax credits for the purchase of new electric vehicles.

The Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid webinar will feature Luke Clemente, Business Operations Executive/Smart Grid, GE Energy and Mark Smith, Strategic Consulting Services Leader, GE Capital Fleet Services.

Topics to be discussed will include a review of current electric vehicle technology, along with important emerging trends in the industry. Speakers will discuss why the success of electric vehicles is directly tied to achieving a smarter energy grid, and will provide examples of solutions that GE is developing to accelerate this integration while optimizing consumer demand. In addition, the webinar will address the expected capabilities and practical applications of new electric vehicle models being introduced over the next three years.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Time: 2:00 p.m. (ET)
Cost: Free
Registration: Click here

GE Capital Fleet Services’ Environmental Performance webinar series was created to focus on “green” and what it means to companies with vehicles. Past and upcoming webinar dates and topics include: U.S. Environmental Legislation Outlook (December 1); Medium & Heavy Truck Environmental Policy Update (December 8) and Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid (January 12). Presentations from past webinars are available upon request.

Participants will be able to interact directly with speakers by submitting questions during the online seminar. For further information, email GE Capital Fleet Services at: fleetwebinar@ge.com

As an environmental thought leader within the commercial car and truck fleet industry, GE Capital Fleets Services has published two guides on environmentally efficient fleet management and driver best practices. The complimentary guides are available for download at: gefleet.com/ecoguides

About GE Capital, Fleet Services
GE Capital, Fleet Services, based in Eden Prairie, Minn., is a global fleet management company with operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Visit the Web site at www.gefleet.com. GE Capital offers consumers and businesses around the globe an array of financial products and services. GE (NYSE: GE) is Imagination at Work - a diversified technology, media and financial services company focused on solving some of the world's toughest problems. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.ge.com.

Guidepoint Launches GPS-Based iPhone App

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading telematics supplier GuidePoint Systems today announced the launch of a new tracking, safety and convenience application for users of Apple's iPhone®.

The Madison Heights, Mich.-based telematics supplier said the new Guidepoint App, which can be downloaded for free, allows users of iPhones to control their vehicles or access a variety of GPS-based services including stolen vehicle recovery, emergency help, turn-by-turn driving directions, towing and other assistance.

The Guidepoint App uses the iPhone's built-in GPS technology and its wireless connectivity to deliver the phone's exact location to Guidepoint's 24/7/365 response centers. Once the App is activated, users can set up an online account with Guidepoint and access services simply and quickly.

"With one touch, a user can call the Guidepoint response center, and our operators will have a GPS reading and map of the iPhone's location on a computer screen by the time the customer has said, 'Hello'," said Tom Gafford, chief technology officer of Guidepoint. "From there, we can help out with directions, concierge services, emergency dispatch...whatever the customer needs."

"While most GPS-based Apps are based on tracking, our new Guidepoint App is focused on delivering help and assistance to iPhone users based on their location," said Rand Mueller, president and CEO of Guidepoint. "Whether it's a teen driver who's had a vehicle breakdown or a businessperson who's lost while traveling, they can now access our award-winning services anywhere in North America and Mexico.

"For nearly a decade, our philosophy has been that Guidepoint is a service company, not a technology company," Mueller continued. "Yes, we have cool, leading-edge technology, but it merely enables us to provide the services that our customers value. The new Guidepoint iPhone App continues that tradition of providing innovative, highly valued services to consumers, business owners and fleet managers."

About GuidePoint Systems: Sold through more than 2,500 new and pre-owned dealerships nationwide, Guidepoint integrates GPS, advanced wireless technology, the Web and 24/7/365 response centers to deliver a variety of services to vehicle owners and fleet managers. Rated the #1 stolen vehicle tracking solution in 2007 by international research firm Frost & Sullivan, Guidepoint also offers a variety of driver safety, convenience, fleet management and vehicle tracking services. Visit www.guidepointsystems.com or call 1-877-GPS-FIND for more information.