Thursday, February 3, 2011


CENTREVILLE, Va. (February 3, 2011) – Carfax today announced it has integrated access to Carfax Auction Quick Check and Carfax Vehicle History Reports for ADESA online customers. Dealers and auction buyers using ADESA DealerBlock and ADESA LiveBlock have critical details about a vehicle’s past readily-available with a single mouse click. Furthermore, Carfax Auction Quick Check is free to buyers on DealerBlock and LiveBlock through February.

“Carfax is a leading source of vehicle history information for the used vehicle industry,” said Jason Ferreri, vice president of e-business sales and operations for ADESA. “We are pleased to partner with Carfax and offer our customers this time-saving tool that is sure to enhance their peace of mind during their online experience.”

Previous independent studies prove that using a Carfax Report improves inventory turn and increases profit. Dealers can help ensure they pay the right price for cars customers want by running a Carfax Report prior to acquisition. At retail, used car shoppers get the information needed to make faster buying decisions.

“We’ve found that transparency at auction is a powerful asset,” said Paul Seger, VP asset remarketing at GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services. “For years we’ve provided a Carfax Report with every unit we wholesale to build confidence and boost value. Giving buyers access to this information through the online auction site only helps your units stand out from the rest.”

“The most successful buyers at auction are the ones with the best tools,” said Dick Raines, Carfax president. “Together, Carfax and ADESA are making sure dealers have easy access to vehicle history details that help them choose the right cars and pay the right price.”

To sign up with Carfax or get Carfax Auction Quick Check, call (800) 444-0145 or visit

Focus Electric Test Rides at North American International Auto Show Provide Ford Engineers with Valuable Data

DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 3, 2011 – The “Living Electric” display at the 2011 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) wasn’t just an opportunity for visitors to ride in an electric vehicle – it also was a time for Ford engineers to learn more about the all-new Focus Electric.

“This was a win-win situation. While customers were able to learn about how an electric vehicle works and rides, we could pull up data and find out more about the Focus Electric they were in at the very same time,” said Shawn Lightner, Ford global electrified products program manager. “We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to discover even more about how the cars perform using the data acquisition technology employed on other development vehicles.”

An onboard data acquisition system was connected to the car computer, where critical information of what was happening while the vehicle was running or charging could be transmitted. Ford engineers were then able to go online and pull up data via a website to monitor information about the vehicle, while customers were riding in it.

“The Ford engineering team was able to capture and gain insight on how the batteries were performing from charging to depletion, the range the Focus Electric was getting per charge, as well as data on how the car was doing overall,” explained Lightner.

At the Living Electric display on the Ford stand, more than 10,000 NAIAS visitors took a ride in a Focus Electric on an elevated track 20 feet high, 208 feet in length and 71 feet in diameter. Hands-on technology displays, digital tutorials and conversations with experts also helped people learn how different types of electrified vehicles will fit various lifestyles.

Charged up
The all-new Focus Electric – Ford’s first-ever all-electric passenger car – is a zero-emissions, gasoline-free version of the company’s popular global Focus model. Focus Electric is designed to offer enough range to cover the majority of daily driving habits of Americans. A full recharge is expected to take three to four hours at home with the 240-volt charge station.

Focus Electric introduces new features and technologies – including a unique version of the MyFord Touch™ driver connect system especially for electric vehicles, a new value charging feature powered by Microsoft and a smartphone app called MyFord Mobile that helps plug-in owners control their vehicles remotely.

The power of choice
Electrification is an important piece of Ford’s overall product sustainability strategy. Ford’s aggressive strategy includes the launch of five new electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and Europe by 2013. In addition to Focus Electric, Ford launched the Transit Connect Electric small commercial van in 2010 and will introduce C-MAX Hybrid, a second next-generation lithium-ion battery hybrid and the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid in 2012.

Diesel Powers America’s Emergency Readiness & Response Efforts During Massive Snow Storms

Washington, D.C. - As large parts of the nation battle storms of epic proportions, local, state and federal governments, emergency responders and businesses are moving into emergency response mode relying on some of the most powerful and reliable and proven technology available today.

According to meteorologists at, more than 100 million people could be impacted by the current winter storm which is expected to stretch 2,100 miles across the United States.

                Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, issued the following statement on diesel’s vital role in the United States’ emergency preparedness for this storm system.

Diesel Engines Will Be Plowing, Clearing and Treating Roads
Several hundred people were trapped when a subway train on the A line, which goes to JFK airport, stalled just before 1 a.m. after leaving the above-ground Aqueduct station. With snow blocking the rail that provides power to the train, the heating failed. It was nearly 8 a.m. by the time a diesel-powered locomotive was able to reach the train and tow it to safety.  (“Blizzard stops East Coast in its tracks” - The Los Angeles Times, 12/28/10)

 “Diesel power plays a critical role in protecting public health and safety during these critical weather events,” Schaeffer said.  “Because of its unique combination of power, performance, reliability and availability, no other technology or fuel can meet the full range of needs in responding to national weather emergencies. 

 “The Illinois and Great Lakes region is expected to get 18-24 inches of snow, and diesel-powered salt spreaders, road graders, wheel loaders and snow plows are working overtime to clear roadways and put down chemical treatments to keep roads safe and from freezing.

“In parts of the Midwest, with snow expected to accumulate 18 to 24 inches with blowing snow and drifting possible, massive diesel snow plows will extract the snow from roadways and the tallest drifts.
“In the cities, mobile diesel-powered snow melting units are increasingly becoming the technology of choice to help cities deal with a high volume of snow and limited space. “

Diesel Generators Will Work To Keep Communications Online
75 percent of U.S. small business owners rate a power outage as a top threat to their business, which reinforces the crucial role of diesel as a back-up power source.  (Backup Electrical Power with Diesel Generators  - Diesel Technology Forum)

“Communications plays a vital role in our world today, especially with the reliance on cellular and Smartphone technology,” Schaeffer said.  “Our text messages, tweets, emails and calls still flow through a system that requires reliable and uninterrupted electrical power.  Diesel-powered generators play an essential role in the internet and this increasingly connected world.  Computer ‘server farms’ handle huge volumes of data for essential financial services, ATM networks and national commerce and trading centers.

“Even momentary losses of grid power can result not only in inconveniences, but damaging losses of business revenue, the inability to access bank funds, and lost worker productivity.

 “At the nation’s busiest airports, diesel power is working to keep travelers safe both in the air and on the ground.  Radar and telecommunications systems have their own back-up power systems and the majority depends on diesel emergency generators to restore critical electrical power during storm-related power interruptions.”

Diesel Power Keeps Public Safety and Water Systems Functioning
The Emergency Management Department last weekend obtained from the Federal Emergency Management Agency industrial-size generators . . . to provide power to water treatment plants in the event electricity is disrupted, he said. The FEMA generators will support generators the Emergency Management Department already has positioned across the state, he said.  (“Governor declares state of emergency to prepare for winter storm” – The Oklahoman, 1/31/11)

“State and local governments bear the brunt of these kinds of major weather events, and are expected to assure the continuity of essential services in the most challenging of conditions,” Schaeffer said.  “With a deluge of snow and rain, local governments need to make sure that public safety systems are operational, from the 911 emergency call centers to drinking water treatment and sewer systems.  These vital services must remain fully functional under all weather conditions, including power outages. Diesel powered pumping systems - both portable and fixed - are in place in thousands of cities throughout the country to prevent flooding, and to keep drinking water treatment systems providing safe drinking water when the electrical power goes out. 

“Back up emergency diesel generators are the technology of choice and are in place at America’s airports and critical telecommunication centers.  With a self-contained fuel supply, these diesel-powered units aren’t vulnerable to utility service interruptions such as the emergency shut-off of natural gas pipelines that are common safety procedures in natural disasters. 

Hospitals and Emergency Responders Need Diesel Power During Blackouts
As for power, the hospital has backup emergency generators, and they've ordered back up diesel fuel that could keep them running for several days, if needed.   (“Hospitals And Airlines Put Emergency Plans Into Effect”) – Fox Two News, St. Louis, 1/31/11)

“Hospitals need to have reliable and self-contained power systems in the event of loss of grid power from ice accumulation or downed electrical wires,” Schaeffer said.    

“Emergency responders – fire and rescue units – rely primarily on diesel power for their response apparatus, ambulances and for powering their emergency communication systems.

“As the United States braces for yet another major storm event, it’s reassuring to know that emergency diesel equipment and generators will once again be relied upon to keep our nation functioning – from our hospitals and police stations, to our highways and communications systems.”

The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit national organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of diesel engines, fuel and technology. Forum members are leaders in clean diesel technology and represent the three key elements of the modern clean-diesel system: advanced engines, vehicles and equipment, cleaner diesel fuel and emissions-control systems.  For more information visit

Carlisle Companies Announces New Headquarters for Carlisle Brake & Friction

Solon, OH - February 2, 2011 - In conjunction with the Carlisle Companies' launch of a new segment named Carlisle Brake & Friction, we are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2011, the new global headquarters for Carlisle Brake & Friction will be located in Solon, Ohio, former headquarters to the Hawk Corporation's Wellman Products Group. On December 2, 2010, Carlisle completed its acquisition of the Hawk Corporation, which, in addition to Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction, will accentuate Carlisle's position as the global leader in high performance braking solutions. As a result of the acquisition, Hawk Corporation headquarters in downtown Cleveland will be closed with personnel relocated to Solon.

Chris Koch, President of the newly formed Carlisle Brake & Friction commented, "We are very excited about the move to our new headquarters in Solon, and the integration of the two businesses. As we drive to create the number one global supplier in high performance braking solutions, our customers will continue to enjoy the same level of service and commitment they have experienced for the past fifty years. The strength of Carlisle Brake & Friction's brands, including Wellman Products, Carlisle, Hawk Performance, Japan Power Brake, VelveTouch, and Field Pro, give our customers access to a diverse range of the most highly engineered braking and friction products available to the market today."

About Carlisle Brake & Friction:
With ten manufacturing facilities globally located in the US, UK, Italy, China, Japan, and India, and with over 1,800 employees, Carlisle Brake & Friction is the leading provider of high performance braking solutions to the off-highway, high performance racing, aerospace, and alternative energy markets, serving over 100 leading original equipment manufacturers in 55 countries.

Carlisle Brake and Friction designs and manufactures a full solution set of braking products. These include:  dry disc caliper brakes, drum brakes and mechanical brakes for both service and park applications.
Additionally, we manufacture both wet and dry friction materials used for wet brakes, brake linings, clutches, fuel cells, and transmissions. We also design and deliver hydraulic actuation, including hydraulic valves, master cylinders, adjustors, and boosted master cylinders. Our proven experience and commitment to the global marketplace makes Carlisle Brake & Friction the right choice for your new brake or friction design, no matter where you are in the world or what you want to be.

ARI Announces Promotions of Finance Officials

Mt. Laurel, N.J. – February 2, 2011 – ARI®, Automotive Resources International, a leading global provider of complex car and truck fleet services, announces the promotion of finance officials Ken Herr and Brian Horwith. 

Mr. Herr, with ARI for 20 years, has been appointed vice president of global treasury.  In this newly created role, he is responsible for the strategy and management of treasury operations and funding for all ARI businesses in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  He continues to oversee the relationships with financial institutions and investors.

Mr. Horwith, a former banker who joined ARI in 2007, assumes Mr. Herr’s previous role of treasurer.  As treasurer, Mr. Horwith manages the liquidity and capital needs for ARI’s businesses and oversees the firm’s interest rate risk management.

“Both Ken and Brian were instrumental in building on ARI’s strong and stable capital base, early in 2010 with our first Term ABS securities offering and more recently raising $1 billion in the syndicated bank market,” says Brian Bates,  chief financial officer for ARI.  “Much of our financial success, despite the economic challenges during the past few years, is due to Ken and Brian’s ability to secure considerable financing for our businesses.”

Registration Now Open for the 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Washington, DC – Online registration for the 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems is now open on the World Congress website, .   Attendees can register now for the conference, technical sessions and special events to take advantage of early registration rates, as well as make hotel reservations.  Registration and housing can be completed online, but there are also downloadable forms that can be completed and faxed or mailed. 

The 18th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems on October 16-20, 2011 in Orlando, Florida, will be combined with ITS America’s 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition to create the largest global event dedicated to advanced transportation technologies.  Under the theme of Keeping the Economy Moving, the 18th World Congress will feature interactive technology showcases, more than 250 sessions, a 350,000 square-foot exhibit hall, and countless networking events with transportation and technology industry leaders from across the world.  Exhibitors and attendees will experience state-of-the-art demonstrations and dynamic sessions with a focus on cost-effective, practical deployments and innovations.
Executive, Scientific and Technical Sessions—more than 300 sessions featuring hundreds of industry experts and world renowned speakers covering a broad range of ITS issues that are important to you and your company
ITS Technology Showcase—the most dynamic way to experience the latest in  transportation technology with interactive demos showcasing products and services including connected vehicle technology, next generation traveler information systems, innovative pricing and tolling technologies, and more. 
Technical Tours—a broad range of technical tours featuring Florida’s state-of-the-art ITS facilities and infrastructure will be available to attendees.
Exhibition— with more than 350,000 square feet, the Expo Hall is a great resource for identifying the products, services and solutions needed to save time and money—and to do your job.
Special Events-hosted in sunny and beautiful Orlando, the World Congress features an array of special events that will enhance your World Congress experience.  From the first annual World Congress Golf Tournament to the Best of ITS Awards, to the Networking Finale at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, these events will offer many opportunities to meet old friends and make new ones. 
Join us in Orlando this October to experience the cutting-edge of transportation with industry leaders and decision makers from across the globe.  For the latest updates on the event, visit the World Congress website at www.itsworldcongress.orgRegister now!
About World Congress
The World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems is an international meeting and exhibition that rotates among three major geographic regions (Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific) annually. Only held in the United States once every three years, the 18th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems will come to Orlando, Florida on October 16-20, 2011, and the world’s leading transportation policy makers, technology, and business professionals will gather in Orlando with a goal of bringing greater levels of safety, reliability and accessibility to transportation systems worldwide.

Co-sponsored by ITS America, ITS Asia-Pacific, and ERTICO-ITS Europe, the 18th World Congress is expected to draw more than 10,000 delegates from more than 65 countries, including legislators, ministers of transportation, transportation officials, international standards experts, engineers, manufacturers, and other ITS stakeholders.