Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chicago Automotive Radio Show Host Invents a Red Light Camera Identifier

CHICAGO, Oct. 12, 2010 -- A Chicago automotive show radio host believes he's come up with an improved version of the red light camera. Lawrence Bova aka "LB the Car Guy" says his "Red Light Camera Identifier" will alert motorists that an intersection is being monitored by a camera and will allow extra time to safely stop their vehicle, while avoiding a costly ticket.

"Several studies have shown that by extending the length of a yellow light by 1.5 seconds, accidents can be reduced by as much as 60%," Bova said in a recent interview. "I'm certainly not in favor of people running red lights, but I do believe you have a right to know which intersections are being monitored by camera. My modification also helps avoid 'panic braking' by drivers entering the intersection, which can result in a dangerous rear-end collision." Bova was recently granted a provisional patent by the U.S. Patent Office for his device and expects full patent status within a year.

Red light cameras are currently being used in 35 states, with fines as high as $550 per ticket, and have been a hot-button issue in the communities where they are in use.
Many motorists have complained that the intersections are poorly marked and the short yellow lights do not allow enough time to safely stop their vehicle.

"I'm hoping to find support for this device from lawmakers more concerned with traffic safety then revenue," Bova stated recently. "Red light cameras certainly provide a level of intersection safety, and my device improves upon that function." The radio host has pledged that 10% of any revenue obtained by the use of his idea will be pledged to various local veteran organizations. "It's the least I can do to give back to the men and women that have served our country."

Diagram: Red Light Camera Identifier Sequence

For more information about the device, contact Mr. Bova at

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