Monday, October 18, 2010

Meritor WABCO Launches SafetyDirect™

PHOENIX, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems, today announced the availability of SafetyDirect™ at the 2010 American Trucking Association Management Conference and Exhibition. SafetyDirect is immediately available for order for all North American commercial vehicle fleets seeking to simplify delivery of detailed trend data as well as instant notification of vehicle safety and performance.

SafetyDirect allows customers to use as a single point of access to monitor and synchronize driver performance reports on braking, stability control, following distances, collision safety system braking and lane-departure warnings for individual drivers as well as the entire fleet. The comprehensive reporting includes event location, date, time, speed, odometer reading and safety trending data.

"We are pleased to launch SafetyDirect to our North American customers. We fully expect the system to revolutionize the way fleets monitor report and capture safety data," said Jon Morrison, president and general manager, Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems. "By integrating data from our company's SmartTrac and OnGuard active safety systems into Iteris' SafetyDirect and lane-departure warning systems, it's easier for fleet managers to collect the information they need to meet and improve safety and business goals."

SafetyDirect works by combining the technologies in Meritor WABCO's SmartTrac™ and OnGuard™ active safety systems with their partner Iteris' SafetyDirect, an online application for analyzing data generated by Iteris' data logger and lane departure warning system. The SafetyDirect application uses information transmitted from the vehicle by the fleet's onboard mobile communications system via leading telematic providers such as Qualcomm and PeopleNet.

Safety systems supported by SafetyDirect include:

* SmartTrac – a suite of active safety systems that can assist the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle in response to an impending loss of directional or roll stability.
* OnGuard – a forward-looking radar-based collision safety system that can detect objects in a vehicle's path and automatically engage the throttle, engine retarder, and service brakes when it senses an impending collision thereby assisting the driver in avoiding rear end collisions.
* Iteris LDW – a lane-departure warning system that uses a camera and onboard computer to track visible lane markings and detect when a vehicle drifts toward an unintended lane change.

"The ability to quickly deliver accurate information about the performance of the driver and vehicle creates new opportunities to manage trucks and drivers more effectively," said Morrison. "Meritor WABCO and Iteris are committed to working together to maximize the value of our advanced active safety systems, by providing detailed analysis of the data they generate."

"Iteris is pleased to be working with a commercial vehicle safety leader like Meritor WABCO to provide valuable safety data through our SafetyDirect system," said Abbas Mohaddes, president and chief executive officer, Iteris. "The ability to collect and analyze driver performance data creates a unique opportunity for fleet managers to identify risky driving behavior and provide drivers with the training that fleet managers deem appropriate to reinforce safe driving practices."

About Iteris, Inc.

Iteris, Inc. is a leader in the traffic management market focused on the development and application of advanced technologies that reduce traffic congestion, minimize the environmental impact of traffic congestion, and improve the safety of surface transportation systems infrastructure. Combining outdoor image processing, traffic engineering, and information technology, Iteris offers a broad range of Intelligent Transportation Systems and driver safety solutions to customers worldwide. Iteris is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, with offices throughout North America and in Europe and Asia. Investors are encouraged to contact us at 888-329-4483, or at

About Meritor WABCO

Meritor WABCO is a joint venture of ArvinMeritor, (NYSE: ARM) and the WABCO Automotive Control Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of WABCO Holdings, Inc.

WABCO Vehicle Control Systems (NYSE: WBC) is a leading supplier of safety and control systems for commercial vehicles. For over 140 years, WABCO has pioneered breakthrough electronic, mechanical and mechatronic technologies for braking, stability, and transmission automation systems supplied to the world's leading commercial truck, trailer, and bus manufacturers. With sales of $1.5 billion in 2009, WABCO is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. For more information, visit

About ArvinMeritor

ArvinMeritor, Inc. is a premier global supplier of a broad range of integrated systems, modules and components to original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket for the transportation and industrial sectors. The company serves commercial truck, trailer and specialty original equipment manufacturers and certain aftermarkets, and light vehicle manufacturers. ArvinMeritor marked its centennial anniversary in 2009, celebrating a long history of 'forward thinking.' ArvinMeritor common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ARM. For important information about the company, visit

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