Thursday, October 14, 2010

Networkfleet ePaper “Meeting Government Mandates to Reduce Fleet Size”

SAN DIEGO – October 6, 2010 – With shrinking budgets, state and local governments are mandating fleet vehicle reductions as a way to cut costs. Fleet managers are being asked tough questions about how, why and by whom their vehicles are being used. A new ePaper from Networkfleet, Inc. titled “Meeting Government Mandates to Reduce Fleet Size” provides details on how wireless fleet management can help governments exceed fleet optimization goals.

Written for government fleet managers, the ePaper addresses specific actions that managers can take to analyze fleet operations and reduce costs. For most jurisdictions, an overall fleet-size reduction of at least five to ten percent is achievable by using an online fleet management system such as Networkfleet to monitor fleet vehicle usage.

As described in the ePaper, by continuously monitoring a vehicle’s location and engine status, Networkfleet’s patented engine diagnostic monitoring system provides detailed information on each vehicle’s usage for specific periods of time, including miles traveled, engine hours, days utilized, number of trips, idle time, and more. This allows fleet managers to analyze both under and over utilization of vehicles to maximize fleet productivity. Government fleet managers can also determine if vehicles are being used for personal reasons or if they can be shared by multiple workers.

“San Bernardino County has always monitored vehicle utilization in order to optimize fleet size and mix, but current economic conditions and the resulting budget pressures have made this even more critical," stated Ron Lindsey, Fleet Services Manager, County of San Bernardino, California. “Networkfleet’s Utilization Summary Report and the Utilization by Day Report are tools we use to improve utilization, efficiency and reduce operational costs for the County of San Bernardino's fleet of vehicles.”

To download a complimentary copy of the white paper “Meeting Government Mandates to Reduce Fleet Size” visit .

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