Thursday, October 14, 2010

GE Capital Fleet Services Providing Telematics Solutions for National Laundry Services Company

Eden Prairie, Minn.- October 13, 2010- GE Capital Fleet Services today announced a new, three-year agreement with Web Service Company, a national laundry services provider, to use GE’s Monitor and Intelligent Ops telematics solutions, with a goal of significantly reducing Web Service Company’s operating costs. In addition, Web Service Company will become a user of GE’s one-stop web portal providing extensive vehicle data used to manage fleet spend.
Web Service Company is a leading provider of laundry services for apartments, military bases, college residence halls and other multi-housing locations. Under the service agreement, GE will outfit the company’s fleet of light trucks and vans with GE’s latest telematics units.

“We’re very pleased to be one of the first to take advantage of the new Intelligent Ops solution for our business,” said Chris Hannum, Chief Operating Officer for Web Service Company. “As an innovator in the markets we serve, we value the revolutionary approach that this solution represents, and are confident that this level of performance insight will give us a valuable edge and help our team establish a new standard of operational excellence.”

GE’s Monitor solution uses hardware and software to capture vehicle location, use and condition data. Customers can access maps, reports, and alerts to improve their fuel consumption, maintenance expenses and mobile operations. GE’s recently launched Intelligent Ops solution helps customers drive significant profitability improvements through more efficient mobile operations. It provides operations and sales leaders with a detailed assessment of their mobile team performance relative to goals, granular insight regarding customer costs, and exception-based talking points to help managers more effectively engage driver best practice recognition and coaching opportunities.

“Our Mobile Resource Intelligence solutions utilize a wide variety of software applications and data sources that, when used in collaboration with our customers, help our customers realize significant profitability improvements.” said Dyan Finkhousen, Mobile Resource Intelligence Strategy Leader for GE Capital Fleet Services. “We continue to provide new and innovative ways to help our clients maximize productivity and reach business goals through the efficient use of new technologies.”

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